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Camino Arizona

Located only a short hike from the Arizona Trail or Camino Arizona, this colorful landscape design invites homeowners and visitors alike to spend time living outside year around. The experience begins at the street where the long but sinuous driveway sweeps past numerous native specimen plants and cacti to entice visitors on the way to the front courtyard. There, the driveway narrows into a curving pathway as it moves visitors through a garden loaded with colorful blooms, interesting agave, cacti, and salvia. These native plants create bountiful habitat and food for hummingbirds and butterflies. Natural boulders descend into the pool’s naturalistic water feature, allowing dozens of dove, quail and roadrunners access to their evening drink. Ground contouring passively channels rainfall for use by the plants. Boulders and decomposed granite topdressing provide a refinement within the landscape while helping prevent moisture evaporation from the soil. Revegetation areas incorporate native plants and wildflowers, giving rise to a meadow of stunning flowers that follow the soft winter rains.  This garden was featured prominently in the Vail Garden Tour of 2012, showing off the stunningly beautiful landscape in which the Penstemon and Salvia blooms were bursting throughout.

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